Enom and BulkRegister announced the launch of Tel domain name service

won the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and numbers (ICANN) authorized by the world’s largest domain name wholesalers eNom and BulkRegister today (December 10th) announced that the two companies will immediately launch the.Tel domain name service. The.Tel domain is focused on the field of communication, has won a prize. ENom and BulkRegister are the leader in the field of distributed social media Demand Media, a wholly owned subsidiary of Inc.

Chris, vice president of Sales Department eNom Sheridan said: "we are waiting for the launch of the.Tel domain name service has been a time, we believe that this innovative platform has the potential to change the way people exchange network. We are very pleased to be able to provide.Tel domain name today, and hope to be able to develop other value-added services in the near future." read more

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A comparative analysis of marketing points of Youth and ron Man 3

May day is hot, the film marketing in May is equally hot. Zhao Wei’s directorial debut "we eventually lost youth" (hereinafter referred to as the "Youth" on the niche) and Hollywood blockbuster "Iron Man 3" really can be described as taylor. This is the light box office records are estimated to have let the light media and DMG of the two companies, but also fierce before and after these two film marketing work. The niche to comparative analysis of these two parts in the mainland so popular movie marketing point. read more

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Mobile nternet ring color record large regular stations will benefit

operates his own two small WAP site Wu Hao yesterday received a phone call from his father in the countryside. Father these days, CCTV reported on the mobile phone "jurisprudence" event of great concern, he did not know what his son do, but also know with hazy on television industry almost, when he saw one of the employees was sentenced to 4 years, immediately anxiously call to his son.

although Wu Hao does not appear to be like the father worried about that kind of situation, but he is really experiencing a "torment". Because China Mobile to suspend WAP billing, which means broken almost all his income, his 5 employees, his website WAP anchored in a SP below, usually 80% of revenue from the WAP website. read more

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93%COM domain name was taken away by the complainant

Evening news you registered COM domain name, whether it really belongs to you? According to the current data, the answer seems pessimistic. Since 2000, nearly 120 cases of up to 93% of China related domain name dispute case in the COM domain name was convicted of transfer to foreign companies. This means that once the overseas enterprises to China registered for the COM domain name, China registered odds is minimal, may suffer a crowning calamity at any time.

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Online mall to enhance the user experience need to pay attention to a few details

website to promote a lot of owners are worried about a problem, is how to improve the flow of the site, in fact, only to enhance the flow is no practical significance. Shopping mall for the site, how to increase the number of users, how to improve the user conversion rate is essential, and do a good job of the premise is to do a good job of the site’s user experience.

below is a summary of the online shopping mall on the user experience needs to focus on a few details

1) on site user login registration read more

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Ali adjust organizational structure Tmall and Juhuasuan official fit

Abstract: the Tmall, Juhuasuan organization will open up the business, marketing and operations and other aspects of the new retail business upgrade and layout.


] titanium integrated media (December 2nd) at noon today, the Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong in a letter to declare open letter to employees, Tmall and Juhuasuan will be fully integrated team team. Tmall will set up three business group, marketing platform division and operation center, Bianzhen to "two vertical and three horizontal" collaborative network of new architecture with several independent division. The Tmall, Juhuasuan organization will open up the business, marketing and operations and other aspects of the new retail business upgrade and layout. read more

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Cai Wensheng has been transferred to a good domain name

Sort out the domain names I transfer or trade. List some good websites. Www.g.cn Google www.360.cn www.jrj.com  security guards; financial www.fm365.com www.wanmei.com www.baofeng.com  perfect; storm www.kuaiche.com FlashGet www.youhua.com master www.daqi.com www.yiqi.com banner network network www.520.com  I love you www.baihe.com Lily dating Jiayuan www.yiyou.com www.jiayuan.com EZ www.baixing.com people network www.9588.com travel network www.6688.com www.yoka.com  electronic commerce; Fashion Network www.qiche.com  automobile network www.jijin.com  fund network www.huangjin.com gold diamond network www.zuanshi.com network www.chaye.com network www.yishu.com www.shufa.com online tea art calligraphy network www.zhiye.com network www.cnaz.com www.cndw.com occupation Content Alliance Dvbbs www.cnwww.com advertising supermarket WW W.lianmeng.com  www.wangmeng.com www.cheshi.com  world network alliance network; www.xywy.com  bus; www.vqq.com www.cnmusic.com Chinese Xunyiwenyao chat music network www.buding.com network www.ouou.com www.pengpeng.com www.dudu.com even-even pudding toot touch www.wanwang.com  nets……..   here is my help and successful transfer of domain name; www.6.cn six room www.3g.cn  3G www.tudou.com  www.kuxun.cn  portal; potatoes; Beijing
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Network network LETV golf hand fire rose Wine combustion Olympic year

after a lapse of one hundred years, once again return to golf, the Rio Olympic Games official event. On the occasion of the new year’s sports network network for the first time in hand LETV golf, bring its own brand "Naynay rose" Landing Golf Show "greens competition". The fire rose blending, blending, Henry guijo – stone tribute dry champagne three global quality wine unveiled the first phase of the program, supporting the spirit of sports, highlighting the true colour of a hero. read more

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Genius programmer 12 years old start a new company financing 10 million

Abstract12 years old, Mitchell · prepared a network game cheats Daquan Cheat Neopets, which also received a letter of attorney.

BI Chinese station on December 22nd reported

at the age of 25, Mitchell · (Mitchell) has been a promising young company HashiCorp co-founder and CEO, and has a working experience of 13 years of experience in Hashimoto.

started his first venture at the age of 12. "I want to teach people how to play video games." He said with a smile, so I prepared the online game cheats Daquan Cheat Neopets. You only need to pay $25 a month, and you’ll get all the tips I’ve found. Things were going well until Neopets sent me a letter asking me to stop it." read more

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