Listing is surrender the United States mission to get rid of the psychological impression of buying

introduction: beauty is the core of the group purchase mode, still lack of scale. 2014, although the amount of the transaction amounted to 46 billion (not their own revenue), but compared to the real electricity supplier platform, or a small point. Of course, comments, and smaller litters of glutinous rice.

a few days ago, Wang Xing, a well-known media sources, Yin Sheng, said in an interview, O2O industry, if the 2015 who first listed, it means that it basically gave up, surrendered.

many people may not understand the meaning of this sentence. In fact, it is a psychological warfare: both a self evidence, but also a secret attack. read more

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Express the implementation of the new national standard two weeks part of the courier is not allowed

newspaper news (reporter Suo Dongdong) national standard "express service" since May 1st the implementation of two weeks, there are still many consumers complained that even express a single labeled "right out of the box inspection, courier companies are still forcing consumers to sign a posteriori, some even do not know the courier express Xiao NEW gb. Insiders believe that thousands of domestic courier companies are still in the stage of price war, and the new national standard is also a lack of strict supervision and punishment mechanism, a number of small and medium courier companies in the implementation of certain vulnerabilities. read more

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qiyi mall online try to enter the business of video is realized


technology news April 23rd morning news, Iqiyi announced that its electricity supplier Iqiyi video on-line store, users can buy related products in the video when watching video programs.

it is understood that Iqiyi will try to launch a video business in 2014, in a number of programs such as "love", "wonderful" supermodel have video shopping.

for consumers, consumers watch video programs, if a fancy dress collocation can role, through the character in the film a series of performances, to understand the clothes. And if there is a need to buy, you can click on the mouse in the process of watching the video to order. read more

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Bao Baoshu acquisition of Europe and the United States and the 6 team was scouring the sea center

images from the network


] August 3rd news billion state power network, according to billion state power network to understand, recently, the baby tree "and the acquisition of Ningbo cross-border electricity supplier Amoy team.

in addition, the baby tree also won nearly 6 square meters of Ningbo, Europe and the United States scouring the bonded warehouse as well as overseas direct procurement center.

it is worth noting that the baby tree stressed that the acquisition of the European and American Amoy team, rather than the company, but did not disclose the difference and the specific amount of money spent. After Europe and the United States will be the founder of Amoy Feng De and baby tree will continue to develop cross-border electricity supplier business. read more

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To eight degrees high cloud hosting Youth Network Limited seckill Trailer

Since the beginning of the year of the snake

since the eight launch of eight cloud hosting network with one month free trial offers a free, experiential marketing, have many webmaster friends blitz, get a good reputation effect, eight sales of industry-leading cloud hosting. Now the May youth season, eight of the network again heavy attack, to give a eight degree high cloud hosting, limit seckill sent, give you an unexpected surprise!

eight degree cloud host May event notice:

activity 1: full cloud host (except special) to buy a one-time delivery of 4 months in January, paid to send for a period of 3 months; read more

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Taobao search rules to adjust the seller’s service quality factors highlighted

Taobao today announced that since July 8th this year, the Taobao search ranking rules to make adjustments, the impact of the quality of the seller’s service quality will greatly increase the sort. The seller breaches, the number and proportion of complaints, refund number, will directly affect the ranking of sellers in Taobao search results. At the same time, cheating records have begun to accumulate and archive, as one of the factors of the seller’s service quality. Because Taobao shopping occupy more than 80% market share of domestic network, and a large number of sellers on the Taobao search to bring traffic rather rely, expected this adjustment will bring a positive impact on the domestic online shopping industry overall level of service. read more

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Marketing and statistical analysis of B2C e commerce website


online shopping is already very popular, but I have no online shopping habits, but since male friends are married, you have been single, after people can not find a way to buy things, really do not want to go shopping, online shopping started his own life. And their own experience with their own thinking, writing this article.

1, access to and click on the ad

has now not how to go to Taobao (all ex girlfriend sent a link to my payment, he did not buy too), as men do not seem to love me a superb collection of beautiful things shopping street, go shopping with love is a reason, so I usually go to the sales of the B2C website. And I generally through the portal sites such as NetEase, YAHOO (because often login mailbox), to understand these sites, but also relatively trust these sites. They are mainly in the portal home page, e-mail, article content page. My collection of categories: buy shoes to buy good music to buy special clothes; every guest, FIM, Popeye; a special Yisheng Kang selling health products; specializing in selling underwear, dream bazaar. read more

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Huaqingjiayuan to help entrepreneurs a large number of Web2 0 business district was born

2006, a large number of Web2.0 companies born in Huaqingjiayuan area, why is Huaqingjiayuan? For 6 years, where are they now?


| Liu Hengtao

"originally I remember here more than three expensive." Bridge coffee dog network founder Tang Yang sat beside Wudaokou, pointing to the opposite Hualian Building of "entrepreneur" and said, "where the house rent has a square meter to 7.5 yuan, Tsinghua Science Park 6.5 yuan, 7 yuan, you rent a 200 square meters, 1400 yuan a day, a month is 42 thousand yuan, construction area of 200 square meters, more than and 100 square meters area may be used, few people can not plug." read more

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Chinese click Wangzhuan earn

rich uncle Mao professional promotion Chinese click Wangzhuan, I won a good Wangzhuan psychological quality and strong ability to promote the trust and support of friends earn, earn is the friends make friends. Good teachers and helpful friends because many are beginner questions, so make the most of my friends, almost QQ4929158 the Wangzhuan hotline, which asked the most is to do Chinese click Wangzhuan exactly how much money. In fact, a lot of people are not willing to answer, is not a good answer, that can make a lot of money to make friends do not believe that the truth would scare people. Today nothing, write an article, also is the answer to the question of the unified make friends, also hope to have a little help to the beginner. read more

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Yiqifa PPG spring value spree


PPG spring premium package now!!!!


active connection address: ProductGroupID=618

Yiqifa alliance



if this advertisement for you, please visit the official union address: Yiqifa alliance platform

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