The next Unicorn love bee was named China’s annual innovation and development of the top 100 compani

recently, sponsored by the entrepreneur "in search of a unicorn" entrepreneur 100 future leaders summit and the 2015 entrepreneur will be held in Beijing, O2O love bee with fresh electricity supplier community high growth business model and enterprise China innovation, was named entrepreneur "Chinese innovation growth company of the year 100" the enterprise, to enter the ranks of quasi Unicorn Internet Co.

consumer upgrade field will be born unicorn enterprise

According to read more

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Micro business why no one to buy your stuff

recently met with a lot of micro friends told me about such a problem: I do derivative of a month, has updated the circle of friends every day, but why not a single? The old North network micro broad first to tell everyone this is a very normal phenomenon, but also a common phenomenon. Because not only is the micro business, Taobao also has many shops opened a few months were singular in single digits or zero, and not just the Taobao store, a lot of offline store is open for a year are still in a state of loss, these are commercial phenomenon. read more

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Domain deletion list June 15 2007


station for booking registration of international and domestic domain name contact / consulting qq  35996213 email/msn 0516–83777726

phone   /> / > delete CN domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

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New embedded advertising brings strategic turnaround

The perception pattern of

changes with the change of survival mode. The means to do this is not only natural, but also determined by the environment. – Walter ·

embedded advertising on the Internet is still a new thing, but in the TV drama industry has long been popular. "Roman holiday" has long been the young and old romantic to all the tourist attractions in Rome, and the "Notre Dame de Paris" is to let those who are not Christian, we are in a continuous line of visitors; don’t bother to look for evidence of "embedded" in If You Are The One. read more

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Rare domain name T CN QQ group within 10 minutes of the auction price of 110 thousand yuan

· Newsletter: rare domain T.CN QQ group 10 minutes auction turnover of 110 thousand yuan
said earlier, Beijing Wangdianbotong Technology Co. Ltd. has successfully transferred 18 single letter domain name, price 5 ~ 98 thousand yuan, this time witnessed the whole after. (Lin primary)

· T.CN Beijing science and Technology Co., Wangdianbotong original holders representing net fine
      T.CN not easily won. Mr. Jing said: "the network had to get T.CN pofeizhouzhe, we put a lot of money, time and energy." three and
; read more

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Surrender the future of the world will be the world

30 minutes sink into the four or five tier cities

text / Feng Huakui

have you ever thought, if WeChat’s circle of friends advertising content is to recruit micro distribution, rather than a burst of brand advertising form, the result will be?

of course, you must have a BMW counter filled with righteous indignation to recruit distributors,


you see, I did not say let BMW do micro distribution, if it is a cosmetic brand?……

don’t think this is a very distant thing, a Japanese giant has been discussed with the pat micro shop, how to use the fast sinking channel differential pin, down three to five line city, even the township market. read more

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Taobao closed micro channel from open to closed

Taobao has open Internet interface as leader, but now to close, in the process of Taobao is not into the back or the industry, many people think that closed apparently unable to agree on which is right, is a step backwards, there is also a considerable part of that, Taobao this is an inevitable choice, a kind of retreat the development strategy is of course a compelling behavior.

Taobao open advocates


is Baidu closed in the past few years, the purpose is not to close oneself, is in fact and Baidu has ah positive competition, after all this is a strong dialogue, if will provide their data to Baidu, it is not suicidal, so that time and Baidu said no, not to closed. In fact at that time in order to compete with Baidu, Taobao has developed a Amoy search engine, so as to provide support for the Taobao search, but with the development of the electricity supplier in the field, in addition to Taobao, Jingdong, Suning, Gome and other commercial enterprises began to grow and develop, a comprehensive comparison platform or electricity supplier search platform has become an inevitable trend. read more

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Business treasure as a full network category shuangshier pit

"double eleven" platform war gorgeous curtain, giants have admission, hundred flowers. When most of the electronic business platform, sellers have been involved in the double eleven promotion whirlpool, a new platform "slogan". The day before, many stores are all channels of financial management tools "business treasure" – this is known as the pioneer of the whole channel electricity supplier service providers on the seller’s "headlines".

"business treasure together a number of companies, launched the" seller Carnival ", which contains twelve pit, promote the search rules of cheats, the whole network of smart shops and many other channels of tools for the seller" summary of double eleven, large welfare activities for twelve. According to the business treasure official said the event will cover 2 million of the seller, will bring a huge upgrade for the seller from the "double eleven" clearance "to play twelve two directions. read more

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The era of post Electronic Commerce two from the perspective of price sensitivity


brand B2C can better highlight the value of


both parties enough mutual trust, although the cause of the high cost of electronic business operators, and online shopping consumer experience process is not smooth, but still failed to stop the rapid growth of electronic commerce China. Life will find a way out, e-commerce in China can eventually find their own way of survival, but this time will be much longer than expected.

and, because China is a scarce trust society, and therefore more prominent brand value of electricity providers. From the beginning of last year, Beijing Zhongguancun more than digital mall business in the end, highlighting the consumers may think to the store to buy digital products, as well as reliable consumption in electronic commerce website well-known, and the price is easier, and fast delivery. read more

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Honey bud baby test mother micro open all commodity distribution

June 23rd news, according to informed, the mother of imported electricity supplier honey bud baby also launched its micro business project, which is currently closed a "mommy" independent app, is expected by the end of June officially launched. The WeChat version has been low-key on-line in early May this year, according to data from the honey bud, registered users has exceeded 100 thousand.

it is understood that the mother meter positioned as a mother distribution platform, users can share all the goods on the honey bud at any time through the app. When the shopping link to achieve the realization of the transaction, the user can earn a commission, and at any time to view the proceeds and cash. read more

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