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PPG spring premium package now!!!!


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http://s.ppg.cn/YesPPG_CN/Products/NewProductMenu.aspx? ProductGroupID=618

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if this advertisement for you, please visit the official union address: Yiqifa alliance platform

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Taobao water advertising model to seek C2C earnings

free is not a profit model, but the charges are not necessarily all of the C2C website profit model, Taobao has never given up efforts in the profit model. Yesterday, Taobao vice president Shao Xiaofeng on the first financial daily said, Taobao is planning to enter the field of network marketing, test the brand advertising and help manufacturers and shopkeepers selling product advertising.

was founded four years ago, Taobao through the free mode will be the world’s largest C2C vendor eBay out of the Chinese market, but also to the industry will grab the market will not make money, the criticism. Last year, taobao.com had tried to "try some of the charges, but the felicitous wish of making money" just one month was forced off the assembly line, which also makes Taobao in search of profit model has become increasingly cautious. read more

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Ling Simin on the promotion of advertising alliance offline

advertising alliance webmaster should know now advertising are basically offline promotion commission, of course, in addition to Baidu Google alliance, Adsense alliance, Sogou advertising alliance is one of the few large advertising outside the alliance. Therefore I was wondering can use the offline promotion advertising to make money, since you have this idea, I registered the 10 several advertising account and get offline promotion code everywhere to extend (my execution is not strong, ha ha). read more

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Note the Wallwisher collaboration to keep the computer why pen and paper

refrigerator door Wallwisher: why stick to the computer and paper pen

Wallwisher is a beautiful and practical application of online collaborative notepapers, literally understood as "wishing wall". The founders believe that a major reason for people to keep the computer and paper and pencil is not easy, so this application lets users on the whiteboard on the production, collaboration and sharing of content, a bit like a refrigerator door home, free and convenient, at the same time to two people did not meet the communication. read more

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Chinese click Wangzhuan site of the judge

hair extension rich uncle Chinese click Wangzhuan have engaged in more than three years, basically witnessed the Chinese click Wangzhuan chaoqichaola. Rich uncle Mao have their own unique insights in the promotion process Chinese click new station, a new station has a general judgment basically, this is the new Chinese click have development in the future, there is no promotion value, more important is the station can receive money. A lot of friends said uncle Mao is a man of God, recommended by the station to push a quasi, in fact, this is a misunderstanding, do stand more than you will have a basic judgment. What station can do, what not to do? What is today Chinese click Wangzhuan station site to do a simple explanation, hope you see this article after improved read more

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Think twice before starting a business venture

has been trying to write such an article recently, mainly want to give people who want to prepare a network of ideas, but also to entrepreneurs a chance to reflect on.

I don’t love a network of entrepreneurs to become entrepreneurs, " " I love " network businessman " instead, because always feel " business " the word is too large and too broad, feels a little aloof, as with the business people more practical. First of all, we do network industry, whether it is to do their own, or together with others, our profit model is to sell products, of course, here there are many kinds of products, including: advertising, selling services, selling their goods, selling goods to others… Etc., common say is to do the sales. The following point. read more

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