Gome online 1 million 700 thousand BMW wrong price lawyer significant misunderstanding

CNR network finance Beijing December 24th news, according to voice of the economy, the world company reported that consumers from Zhejiang MA (a pseudonym), recently encountered a matter of heaven pie. December 13th early in the morning, he found the United States online sales of BMW 550-IX-DIRVE car, the original price of 1 million 700 thousand yuan, even the price of $170 thousand, he thought the other party is doing promotions, so immediately ordered, bought a car.

Mr. Ma:

(BMW car a) to feel a bit like a mistake, hope he is also a promotion, two days ago I see a penny to buy dozens of pieces of money, but also some. read more

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The rapid development of online shopping website into the human flesh marketing era

shopping site into the human flesh marketing era

According to

recently released data on taobao.com, on October 9th, the website daily trading volume reached 626 million yuan, almost this data and the Hongkong SAR government released the latest Hongkong in August this year, the average daily total retail sales of 644 million yuan a. Online shopping is booming with an unimaginable speed, in changing people’s way of shopping at the same time, has also spawned a number of special occupation: "Tao" and "brush off", "brokers" who specializes in helping shop manufacturing topics, create a reputation, sales of products, many of them have been earning a lot of money. Young people in Ji’nan have also joined the gold rush in the online shopping. read more

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Li Guoqing over the past 8 years the development of electricity providers to fight money

Internet boss is chat master. The "three big mountains" and the Internet Forum on new forces, did not talk much, but the debate is Sequoia Capital Partners Shen Napeng and China dangdang.com founder Li Guoqing.

Li Guoqing has been very confused: why the homogenization of serious Chinese electricity supplier, then the most crazy is me, Jingdong and Amazon, want to do the whole category, the whole region. We do not put the opponent in the eyes. One year, Dangdang in the book outside the target is "baby supplies", when we do the first. But second years, Amazon, shop to childcare articles as the target category. Finally everyone loses money. Dangdang just listed in the United States, I would like to talk about Liu Qiangdong, he did not see me. I want to tell him, our common enemy is Ma Yun, we want to shunt is clothing. If Liu (Liu Qiangdong) he lost into the cosmetics in the book category of money, there is no jumei.com music bee network thing; if he hit the food, one store will not develop so fast." read more

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The village of Amoy village Alibaba to do the rural life service center

rural market is showing a diversified competition. In addition to "buy on behalf of selling", Alibaba also came up with some new gameplay.

11 year old Gao Junga and Tang Yucheng are cousins, studying in Zhanyi County of Yunnan city of Qujing duck group village the fifth grade primary school. Their summer a new task – in school and Taobao jointly organized education "summer camp", the first class is the process of online watch the Beijing Museum of natural history in the teacher explained the dinosaur fossils have been found. read more

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Liberation Daily why worry about business registration

a few days ago, a news that many shop owners expressed concern: the State Administration for Industry and commerce to the "network behavior of commodity trading and related services interim measures" in March 15th of this year before the promulgation and implementation of the draft regulations, "the natural person engaged in commodity trading and related services through the network, should be to the operator provide the online trading platform service for real name registration; with registration requirements, it shall apply for business registration". But then there is news that the State Administration for Industry and Commerce said the news is not the implementation of business registration and misinformation, before March 15th. So, many shop owners loose breath. read more

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Double 11 benefits you really make it Consumers Association 3 into water

in recent years, "double eleven" has become a consumer online shopping carnival, in a variety of "discount" "seckill" "panic buying" sale "under siege, how many real benefits of


In this

, the association staff to go to participate in the "double eleven" discount business platform to the identity of ordinary consumers, select the day marked discount is relatively large (below 50 percent off), online sales of more marked 94 items, involving a total of 12 appliance business platform, the 12 category. The survey recorded the price discount on the day of November 11th and tracked commodity prices for the two time periods between November 18th and December 5th. read more

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Chinese nternet big change who will be the future of the nternet industry leader

The new money movement


this message in the market once spread, many people skeptical. "The biggest winner is VC (Vc firm)," said a senior executive at a portal. Baidu has created these so-called tycoons not finally got real money, are all empty talk."

"old" Zhang Zhaoyang said: "compared with the last round, it is 10 times of Internet users, 10 times as much money. The first is the concept, this time is the real estate." read more

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Jingdong paradox Taobao fake run Jingdong

following the previous Jingdong account details leaked, buyers being cheated, Jingdong once again into the vortex – this time, not the user information disclosure, is a fake problem: "Huaxidoushibao" reported that 30 fake Taobao store destroyed, 12 moved to the Jingdong, the 12 shop the sale of goods, and Alibaba was punished fake goods are highly similar, even the same paragraph.

of course, the user privacy leaks, fake more and more, including the delivery and customer arrogance, these problems are actually representation. There are many reasons behind the problem. We have proposed a concept in early 2013, called "Jingdong paradox": with the expansion of the scale of the Jingdong, especially the development of the third party open platform, Jingdong will face more and more fake, delivery delay and so on. read more

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