Luis Alberto: “People in Italy are having a very bad time”

first_imgLuis Alberto Romero, Spanish midfielder from Lazio, wanted to “get back to normal” as soon as possible in ItalyBecause he assured that “people are having a very bad time” and many families have no income to eat.“I try to read as little as possible because in Italy it has been quite strong. Little by little we are leaving, slower even than SpainBut things are going well and I hope it will return to normal soon. You have to get it back because it’s a long time and there are many people who cannot work and sadly they do not have to eat. People are having a very bad time, “ He said in a director on his Instagram account.Even if points out that footballers are “privileged” In comparisons with other sectors of society, he also showed anxiety to return to training with Lazio and tired of training alone at home and, above all, of not having contact with the ball.“It seems that we are going to return with a mask, gloves and glasses and training separately. We don’t know if we will go in groups of two. I already have my boots ready and a ball. I miss him a lot. I am training but without shooting on goal and it is not the same. If you take the ball from us, we are liquidated, especially those of us who like to have it on our feet. It is the time in my life that I have been without touching the ball the longest, two months. Being alone at home is impossible, “he lamented. Luis Alberto was surprised by the coronavirus pandemic, recovering from a muscle injury. He tried to stay in Spain but his club prevented him. “He caught me in Castellón because in the last game he had been dragging some discomfort in the abductor and I felt a ‘pinch’. He was treating me, I asked to stay there to finish therapy. They wouldn’t let me and I had to come to Rome, without a physio. I’m fine now, looking forward to starting because we’re going to go crazy, “he said. His year was being brilliant in a club that fights the title against Juventus and Inter. “We have been the group for four years together, we know each other and it shows. We have taken a big step forward this year, 22 games without losing, we have won Juve twice that was not achieved for a long time, “he said.“When it starts, you have to continue game by game, without getting focused and fighting for the title. The objective was to play the Champions League and if we do not enter it is to kill ourselves. Fighting for the league is a nice goal that nobody expected. Winning it with Lazio is not the same as with other clubs. We never talk about it. The real objective is the Champions League, which twice escaped us due to stupidities. Two years ago he left for 5 minutes, “he added.Personally, he was happy with his evolution in Italy. “I have had hard times with injury and relapses. I mentalized, my head turned and this seasonSince the first game I have been another player, with more confidence. It is my best year. I’ve improved in many ways, especially defensive placement, and I’m carrying more of the team’s weight. I have more the ball and it is my strong point, “said the player.Happy in Rome, Luis Alberto revealed that its renewal was already agreed. “It is going to be done. We have been talking for a while and if this had not happened it would have been done sooner. I will stay five more years because I will expand until 2025, “he said about it.AND his great objective will be to return to the Spanish team with Luis Enrique as coach and earn a place for the next Eurocup. “Defending your country is the maximum. As a child I used to watch Raúl, Morientes, Yeste, Guti play and it was my dream. This year I was left wanting to play, I went to train and now I don’t know if I would have gone with Luis Enrique. I have to continue at the same level and make it difficult for him. It will be very difficult to be in the Euro Cup but I will fight it “Luis Alberto Romero said.last_img