Van Persie: “Ferguson hung the photo of two players in the locker room for going out partying”

first_imgVan Persie has given an interview on So Foot in which he has reviewed his career and especially his years at Manchester United. In it, he has narrated a curious anecdote, when Alex Ferguson He hung the photo of two of his footballers in the locker room and said that they would be guilty of losing the Premier for having partied without permission.. The party and the culprits: “Ferguson knew when to act and put pressure on the squad. In my first season we had a 15-point advantage in the Premier League and we played against City. If we won we would have 18 of income, but we lost, although we were still 12 ahead. It would have dramatized this situation. However, Ferguson did not. Two boys from the team left after the defeat. The day after he had photos of the two players posted on the walls of the dressing room from their night out. He told the entire team: “Okay, guys, if we don’t win the championship, know that it’s because of the imbeciles who decided to leave.”Who were?: “I have the names, but I can’t give them. That stayed in the locker room. It was incredible. He didn’t stop and warned us all: ‘From now on, if I see a player come out before we win the Premier, that Player is out. I don’t care who he is or the trophies you’ve won so far. If you leave before the end of the season, you leave the team and I’ll sell you. “After that speech, we went to train and it was the two most difficult training sessions of my life”. His transfer to United: “I had two other options: Juventus and City. There I began to weigh pros and cons between the positive and the negative of each possibility. I always had a great vision of Sir Alex Ferguson and United. At that time I saw players like Vidic , Ferdinand, Scholes, Giggs, Carrick … Real winners, experienced players. It was tempting to play with them. I felt welcome from the first day until the last despite having played eight years at Arsenal. “He was attracted to Ferguson’s personality: “Clearly. Being part of a group that has won everything and can win everything … They won the Champions League, the Premier. Evra was a true leader, he had a desire to win, positive energy. The intensity of the training sessions was Incredible. We even made five for two and those who formed the team of two were disgusted to lose. These players gave the impression of always seeking perfection, of pushing everyone forward. I loved that environment, they led me to give my best same”.Your reference for that team: “It’s hard to answer, most of them were impressive with their records, with their style. I think you always have to be yourself. Vidic was a warrior, he put his head where it is usually creepy to step on. He did anything to win. Giggs He was flamboyant, always giving the impression of being in his comfort zone. He was in good shape at 39. Evra was impressive speaking out loud, building confidence in the team. He spoke five languages, including Korean. “last_img