Jewelry chain store location proposal

jewelry chain stores to choose a good location, to have a better development prospects. But the site is not just talk about it, really want to practice, it will be difficult to know how. Master more site selection skills, then in the actual operation of the time can easily deal with, business is very worry.

jewelry store to attract people to flow is an important factor in determining the store, but to understand the consumer’s consumption goals, is the more important work.

a large store before deciding to lease, the usual practice is to ask for new traffic routes. If it is easy to see a store or shop in the distance or at least drive through, as the location of its advantages will be enhanced, obviously the store is actually a kind of advertising, it can make people stop because of impulsive. read more

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The name of the store is more attractive to customers love

some people give the shop name is for novelty, while some people are to show love, different performance purposes, for the customer’s attraction will be different. According to the summary of small, the name of the shop has love, in fact, easier to attract customers, business will be more popular.

now walk the streets of the city, you may be surprised to find out that the form of the shop signs advertising beyond count, a numerous and ubiquitous slogans, like a flower blooming, dizzying, called for a large commercial and cultural wonders. read more

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Lou Junping acting small food to make big fortune

small food, as the name implies, and will be a small combine, despite a good market, but the profit of a single product is limited, want to make money, naturally also need to grasp the relevant business skills. A small businessman Lou Junping, only five years, the average price of two dollars in the terminal around the small food sales do wuliuqianwan size distribution range from Yiwu to the East area.

and he’s not by luck.

setback, fought little food

Lou Jun is a plain business staff, a few years ago because he is optimistic about the prospects for the development of the food industry, in the premise of no food distribution experience, decided to quit the sea, and an investment is ten, directly from the start of big brands, the agent sincerely want a snack food, melon seeds. read more

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Who will take the money demand

we are in a society where there is a need for examinations. Do you want to go to primary school, high school or college? Please test; want to enter the enterprise, into the organization? Please test; graduation, post, title, have to go through a test pass. Every examination is a threshold, had the Everything will be fine. had not been eliminated.

in front of the severe situation, some people from the light path, looking for "shortcut": buy the answer, "Gunners"; others are coming to start selling exam answers or rush into danger. In the examination of the community, on behalf of the test has become an industry, I do not test, looking for someone to test, a way to make money. read more

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The cost calculation of lingerie store

now society, entrepreneurship not only need to find good projects, but also need to do a series of project budget, the only way to eventually get some wealth opportunities, a lingerie store will now need to budget.

identify consumer groups to find profitable projects, women earn good money? People in the industry know that women are the main consumer groups in the market, so how to make a woman’s money? Lingerie store.

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How to run a dry cleaning franchise

though the dry consumption more willing to, but this does not mean that all the dry cleaners can be bursting with popularity and wealth. As long as the good business entrepreneurs to make profits Mengjin dry cleaners. So how to run a dry cleaning franchise? Share three tips for everyone.

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What are the difficulties of community commerce

open a community shop, to provide services to the residents of the surrounding community, but also to obtain a high degree of recognition, such a business seems to have good prospects for development. However, in fact, many of the community business is very difficult. In fact, the business has great difficulties, small and small is not easy. The business community, with distinct characteristics, difficulty is also very obvious:

1, customer group limited

so-called customer group limitations, there are two meanings: read more

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How to create a brand image in Sichuan

take the food as a specialty of Sichuan cuisine, widely favored by diners, a huge market demand, as well as the opening of natural food stores in Sichuan good prospects. But in the face of the moment a lot of food shop, how to make their own stand out? Need to focus on creating brand effect.

is now how to run a restaurant franchise can have a good reputation is all operators are trying to do things. When the customer trust to take food franchise brand, take food stores have a good reputation, and will have a so-called brand effect. But how to create brand effect? The next venture entrepreneurs mentor tell you. read more

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How to name a new company

we each have a name, the name is not only us, there are a lot of the facade, good name can let a person be attracted, everyone knows the name of the shop is very important, it will affect the direct feeling of the consumer, to a certain extent will affect the sales results, so the entrepreneurs are more focused on the shop name. In fact, not only to pay attention to the name of the shop to start, the company is also concerned about the name of the company. A good name for the company to promote the development of significance. So, how to give the name of the new company? read more

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2016 innovation and entrepreneurship in Chongqing and continue to introduce high end talent 71

in the national public entrepreneurship, innovation "of the call, there are a lot of people began his entrepreneurial path, of course, entrepreneurship is not a personal thing, if the relevant unit auxiliary words, the success rate of entrepreneurship will undoubtedly be higher. Today, the 2016 Chongqing international talent innovation and entrepreneurship fair officially closed. The fair signed a total of 92 projects, the introduction of high-end talent, nearly a thousand talents and the world’s top 500 enterprises, including hundreds of companies initially reached the employment intentions of the 71. read more

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College entrance examination candidates have the most entrepreneurial gene University money way

the last day of college entrance examination, parents are still studying which university is better this problem. I believe many of the parents will have a vision for the child to choose a gene with a university, you can make the best plan for the future of the child.

entrepreneurs not only create a lot of jobs, will greatly promote the development of local economy, but also to show foreign city and School of graduation innovation ability and entrepreneurial atmosphere. Recently, Tencent open platform integrated developer revenue data a year since the release of the 2014 Chinese cities & college innovation and entrepreneurship list. read more

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A reliable investment pot Fu

with the increasing emphasis on food and beverage to join the project, join the fast food market, is a very wise choice. How about the pot? High quality food, business worries, worthy of trust. If you join the blessing pot project, is also a very exciting. So, as soon as possible to leave a message!

in recent years with the development of the domestic catering industry, catering industry to see more and more people opportunities, so this year the catering industry project what is the hottest? China, is a potential consumer market, the mainland population of nearly 1 billion 300 million provinces and cities, population is more than one million, nearly 10 million people, health stone delicacy is one of the highlights of the pot. Fu pan pot of food and health will be integrated, is the first choice of modern dining standards. read more

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2013 will fire money items

What will

2013 do in the fire? Open a car decoration shop, will be your best choice. The number of cars is increasing, and the car has become an essential tool for the family. People love the car as much as they love their children.

A. investment in early

1. investment of about 5-10 million equipment investment: counters, facade decoration, computers and simple furniture, a one-time investment of about 20 thousand yuan.

2.3 months running costs: a new shop opened, to prepare for two or three months without business preparation, it is best to prepare for the first half of the operating costs of about 30 thousand yuan a month. read more

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Big lazy lazy supplies investment creative projects

right now, any creative projects, is always very popular, is also very popular consumer favorite choice. How big lazy lazy supplies? Very advantageous choice. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the big cat Houseware Items, is undoubtedly a very wise choice!

then joined the big lazy lazy supplies can be obtained exactly what competitive advantage? There are many large lazy supplies to join the advantage first, its customer service service is guaranteed, can let you become a successful person, let you easily when the boss. Secondly, big lazy lazy supplies to have this huge market, cannot do without is the most unique mode of operation is very good, a good business model to bring sales benefits. read more

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Entrepreneurial women shop to make money skills to keep in mind

women are very generous when they buy clothes, also let the women’s market has been so hot today, there is a great demand for women’s market, great entrepreneurs found, have opened shop idea. Although women’s market demand is relatively large, but want to make money, or need a certain skill, can not rely on it. So, entrepreneurial women’s shop to make money skills? Follow us to know something.

clothing positioning to clear

this point is the most important price, your dress shop is in a particular place, what are the surrounding consumer groups, what is the level of consumption, consumption ability how, has been around what type of clothes, style shop, how to run their. Through the judgment of these factors to give yourself a small shop to do a positioning, I do high-end, midrange, or low-end, I want to do what age clothes. Clear their position is more likely to enter their satisfaction with the goods. read more

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Do a good job in the management of the necessary skills

now the catering industry is already saturated, want to gain a foothold is not an easy thing in the catering market, for entrepreneurs to find their own career in the food market on the contention of a hundred schools of thought, operating a snack food chain is a good choice, but not for any business experience in catering franchisee, want a good snack chain store, it should learn some skills in the business management process, it is very important to the shop business. The following is a small series to provide you with the proposal to open a shop to see it together!

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Fertilizer to the field you want to do business

city sewage system will have shit together to one place, but these excrement is not a simple matter, especially in some small towns, has not handled the perfect system, many people regard it as an annoyance, but it can also become a business opportunity!

send fertilizer tian! Now, is vigorously promoting ecological pollution-free cultivation, therefore, a large number of people in the city were sent to rural field, will become very popular with farmers. Operators can not only get a considerable amount of labor costs in the farmers who need fertilizer, but also in some units or users in the city to get a clean up fees, it can be described as one stroke. read more

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