The quality of the chain is still an important indicator of love Shanghai ranking

years, especially to optimize the station customers on hand, there has been no time scorched by the flames, update your own website, after the station was attacked on the second day included sharp, until now has not returned to normal, because time server is not stable, the two is has not been updated the value of each article, site see is not included the number of article 10. Busy living ah, now Haite Shanghai Longfeng road has just begun, the future of the road is still very hard, hard.

today to you about the quality of the chain is still a very important index of love Shanghai ranked and how to easily obtain the method of a large number of links, if you are interested, I will share the high quality Links platform to thank everyone for supporting me, my exclusive collection Oh, absolutely limited edition. read more

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How to use the inbound marketing for paying customers

the first thing you need to do is to cut your boring comments words, for example, "well, I top you"; "this is really a good post"; "learning, thanks" these seemingly praise, but no substantive comments, instead instead of is true and post content with questions or suggestions, I believe every time, the blog will give you the corresponding return.

many owners do not agree with the use of Shanghai Longfeng public welfare services, because they feel that they should not do work for free, especially for some time outside of work for the customer to do some free information, but I believe that this is the most effective feedback to customers, allow customers to reference and listen to some of our optimization suggestions and the way that they recognized us, become our most loyal customers. read more

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Love Shanghai ecological project to solve the original ranking problem

Within the pages of

"website weight is really love Shanghai" this article yesterday ranked in the first, this shock to the second page. Whether the ecological project on Shanghai love to work, A Cheng is just speculation, original article, there may be some improvement, if you have time, look at your own website (if there is a contribution in high weight site the most convincing), because if you wrote the article, a high weight the site collection is gone, and did not give you the link, so I feel this problem is not solved ranking (the spider will not be judged according to the time, I said is to determine who is most likely to be original, and then give a good ranking according to the links point) no matter what, I believe that is a good thing to conscientiously do stand friends. read more

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Lu Guofu as Shanghai dragon Er still insist on it

recently I this blog "Wuhan Shanghai dragon" the keyword in the second page to maintain for a long time, the blog to date online time is four months, in four months time, he experienced a lot of things, since the establishment of this blog, know a lot of the industry in Shanghai dragon friend, also got a lot of friends to help find their level of optimization compared to the original or so little progress.

will share love!

recently something in the busy, so have a good long. No original update, I found that writing is like this, when writing every day feeling every day can write, but once stopped a few days not to write, what also can not write, so these days had want to write some articles, but in front of the computer mind is blank, so these days are directly reproduced in the Internet some friends in Shanghai Longfeng classic article, now every day there are still a lot of old friends come to my blog here, Lu Guofu thank you support. read more

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Keywords optimal allocation of weapon



your site is to provide services for local users or a national site, if it is local, every place will give you to grab the 10 position, competition is relatively much smaller, this keyword can be specified in two ways: 1, a key word + keywords + + names keywords; 2, place names + keywords + name keywords keywords names. Two methods have their advantages, the first can take several keywords to avoid repetition of key words, but it also seems simple, but there are also disadvantages, optimization is slow, because the keyword will be split. Second looks more complicated, but more easily in the short-term can be effective. If it is a national that without such problems. read more

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On the Alexa website ranking of view

short, not superstition Alexa website ranking, website optimization ranking to improve more is to rely on their own content construction, and the quality of the external links long wide.

but the change is not very can restore Alexa lost authority, Alexa can only see one side of the reference data for website owners, really want to know the traffic data of a web site can be installed to the site statistics code, can refer to the station the other article: how do you know who visited my website look, the best way to a website weight is soso number, it included in the search engine update speed, and ranking some important keywords can generally know its position. read more

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How to survive in the local maternal and child supplies shop in Shanghai love


clear its position

3. web content

recently received a big project is a local maternal and child supplies shop, during operation, after several twists and turns, finally get a good situation. Find a lot of experience, may not be suitable for many people, at least to a mall, since that is more practical.


therefore, we recruited a large number of part-time staff in Witkey, collecting material for each of our products, finishing the picture. In 20 days (the long time) to make the 12000 product pages, pictures, can be regarded as the one and only product description page. read more

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Why do the chain construction of spider web

of course, this is not a lot of things related to the keywords, you may feel meaningless. That is how to explain the construction of a chain network, what is the significance. A chain network, can be your site as a "spider web", let the spider crawling in the process, as long as it is willing, you can easily climb over your entire site, and will not return to the previous level, and then returns to the upper layer of this situation. A network structure of the website what are the benefits? A, increase the residence time of the spider, a spider crawling, increase the depth and breadth, so as to improve your articles included. This one, as long as your article is relevant information, and have a certain quality, and with reasonable keyword anchor text, then this article is love Shanghai included, the keywords ranking is very helpful. Before the recognition algorithm of love Shanghai improvement of the anchor text of the chain (before and after the introduction of Shanghai love outside the chain of tools can be regarded as the date of the improved algorithm), but still is a novice, do not do the chain, forum account has few, most do anchor text signature, Send a few advertising soft Wen District however, most not included. At this time, but the three words (Ji’nan professional Shanghai dragon, Ji’nan marketing website, Ji’nan professional website building) to home, of course, is tenth around, because it is new sites, ranking is not very stable. But the results, but it must be said, is within the chain. Because the first, then how can contact the Shanghai dragon like twenty days, is October 26th (but a week before the start of the eleven contact Shanghai Longfeng, before the program ape, eleven is the holiday, to seven so far), that day, how to love and love Shanghai Shanghai statistics show the quantity index webmaster tools with nearly 30, and ranked in the 26, 27, 28 these days slowly from the sixty or seventy ten direct channeling to the first page page second. From the point of view of the evidence in the construction of the chain, is still very effective. read more

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The love of Shanghai was included to reduce the ripple effect of Google PR soaring


also included the Wuhan Shanghai love sometimes hot and sometimes cold, Google promotion station included every time in the Google PR update will change, PR update before Google need to determine the quality of the whole station, so the amount included website promotion, pages are put out, a rule may also be users browsing Google decision PR this is my guess. As long as the PR update, Google on Google is also included, the website will be included, love Shanghai, a large collection of these sites Google becomes a chain of love in Shanghai when a large number of sources, Google included in the site, the chain site is suddenly love Shanghai to determine growth outside the chain, suddenly a huge increase for the love of Shanghai, with almost cheating the concept in the PR value of the update, the amount included in Google almost reached the peak, is also the site in Shanghai love chain reaches the highest value, love Shanghai nature will not release the chain, judging the website as cheating, included natural will decrease, even worse right down K station. read more

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mitating harm is the only way to reduce weight

according to this understanding, Taobao recently guest K station is fierce, many Taobao customers in order to let more included your own web site, and constantly calls Taobao off API procedures, and these procedures are often not on past content screening, resulting in excessive repetition of the content, but the current API application has been blocked, so now Taobao customer content to repeat more or own love to copy and paste content caused the increase in.

recently fell in love with sea station K is very real joy, many owners are caught, complained to love Shanghai ", and he went on extremely cruel and merciless" dragon Shanghai continue to engage in risk optimization methods, such as the optimization of the content, often by some Shanghai Longfeng function content collector in the Internet collection, this way has been proved the content of the website, very easily lead to duplication, and love of Shanghai K station is one of the most important reasons is caused by repeated contents, so in addition to the acquisition of content will cause duplicate content, then there is no other way caused by repetitive read more

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Share as Shanghai dragon Er we should strengthen the security of the site from which a few respects

two: change the password strength

three: use a secure server

our daily when setting the password love set some of your familiar number, for example, my QQ number is my birthday date, you might think that who would know the date of your birthday will be used here. But I want to say is as hackers they don’t go to guess your password, password cracking tools they will direct the use of violence. This method of using violence to describe is not excessive, because they will use the "dictionary" (commonly used digital combination, contains tens of thousands of letters and so on), then through the use of software to calculate your password. When the impact on a site of your password is cracked after it is fatal, hackers may hang Kamiki Ma on your site, which will affect the status of your site in the user or search engine, and may be for you as a user loss. For this, I suggest that you can be in combination with letters, spaces, numbers when setting the password, and the password should be updated regularly. read more

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The difference With and without a slash slash

ah!"In fact, the scores of ?

?At the end of the

on the web site with "/" and without "/" there was a lot of discussion. Because when the hair of the chain often tangled in the end or not to bring a slash "/"

1, domain name to slash ("/")

domain name and slash to the search engine has no effect, will eventually capture the domain name default page content on the content, no difference, not what effect. But for the server, the server will not add a slash process of judgment, and will return directly to slash the website set up to store the default page in the root directory of the web site. Different server judges vary, involving server technical details this is not done introduced. read more

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From the analysis of the new line to the four major factors ranking

at this stage of the PR value of the site is 0, the chain of small number, high quality links rarely, love Shanghai rarely included, snapshots will slow love Shanghai. This is a clear sign of the new station, everything is new, so some high quality sites are not to exchange with you Links, at this time the focus of the work is not how quickly he ranked to the home page, but regular updates (content recommendations and related keywords) increasing number of chain and the regularity of the outside (the chain website construction and related keywords), through the two work to lay a solid foundation. Below is a list of the stage need some items, the degree of emphasis and so on read more

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Forgotten how many friends in Shanghai dragon stick

this is a picture of a friend sent me this evening, from his meaning revealed he had been attached to the Shanghai dragon, but the form has changed. This is Yuan Kun and guardian agree: some people have a search, search there Shanghai dragon. Just look how you do it.

doing the bidding is good, play with mass effect, we play in the media, we play in the community…… Shanghai Longfeng hope, Shanghai dragon for a long time, the boss will not give time, we can not make any money, we do not play the Shanghai dragon. read more

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Share a chain exchange in the process of Maoni and skills

PR from China market in Google, the utility has been greatly than before, now is only a simple reference, so the new Adsense when looking for a chain exchange, don’t waste too much time on it.

3 in the opinion of the author, a website main keywords ranking is the best example of the strength of the reaction site, if the 4-5 site of the primary key in the ideal position, then we can consider the link between them and exchange. Of course, when judging the main keywords, we also according to the competition situation of the main keywords, keywords and archaeology. If the other party is rare, so we have to find another test method. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng Optimization B2B website how to bring traffic

use the existing platform now many well-known platform for us to use. For example, Witkey platform, we put each corner to publish their own written articles to the Internet, sometimes not every corner, only need to compare the target population gathered corner can love. This effect can make people produce different degree of brand impression on you, also can bring certain flow, the most important is the cost is generally not high, and the promotion of soft collocation, complement each other. Many webmaster do stand, do GGAD are in such a way. Still have the effect. read more

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Soft Wen contribute three elements how to make A5 soft 100% by

three, the words must reach a certain amount of

, a basic point of view must be

A5 submitted to the soft effect we can see, an article with a link out, you will find the article was reproduced a large number of websites, the chain has also increased significantly, so the soft release in A5 webmaster net friends more and more, many beginners for this is still very confused, because of their soft Wen contribute a the first time was returned, began to hit, let many novice quit, originally writing ability is not how, spent half the time to finish, even so mercilessly abandoned. Here’s what A5 soft Wen contribute the most basic three elements (are summed up): read more

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The concept of synchronization and search engine algorithm changes no longer worry

search engine is based on the content, the chain gathered at the start, then we will address these two points, really think. Before you send the chain have the user has no use? Content is the same, so the user has no use? If the user does not have, then you send him what is the significance? Talk about below we split the two.

?The ?

how to achieve synchronization with the

this is difficult, because no matter what they think, how to change the algorithm. All around the user experience, Zhao Yangang is often said "what users want to want to do for the user"…… read more

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Share website of Shanghai Longfeng healthy nine steps

domain name information (Whois): if the web site keywords ranking is not ideal, the domain name registration time will be the first to see their own website, if it is to buy the domain name, the best look is sold. In general, if the domain name registration time is very short, so do not rank is normal, so the new station is not very good weight.

Shanghai dragon always encounter a lot of problems puzzling the

link status: external links website with YAHOO backlinks tool online inquiry in general, if many of them are from the forum, blog or some comments, so this is not a healthy website should be the case, which is likely to affect the search engine on your web site, the overall judgment. read more

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The final transformation of Shanghai Dragon the degree of customer experience Optimization

search engine technology gradually improve the current major effect of Shanghai dragon

in China to now have ten years, the development speed of the ten years of the Internet has spread to every corner, its influence has been involved in every industry. Now the Internet has basically finalized basically in hardware, the development of space has been gradually transformed by the hardware to the software. That is to say the development of space will be the future of the Internet is in the software, the software on the Internet to achieve modernization and extreme, when intelligent software to a certain extent, our Shanghai dragon will reduce a lot of work is necessary, such as we are now a search engine to identify pseudo original, pseudo original time. We can only be original! Then due to the degree of intelligence, can accurately identify the chain, we do Shanghai dragon also send the chain read more

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