Chinese nternet big change who will be the future of the nternet industry leader

The new money movement


this message in the market once spread, many people skeptical. "The biggest winner is VC (Vc firm)," said a senior executive at a portal. Baidu has created these so-called tycoons not finally got real money, are all empty talk."

"old" Zhang Zhaoyang said: "compared with the last round, it is 10 times of Internet users, 10 times as much money. The first is the concept, this time is the real estate." read more

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Jingdong paradox Taobao fake run Jingdong

following the previous Jingdong account details leaked, buyers being cheated, Jingdong once again into the vortex – this time, not the user information disclosure, is a fake problem: "Huaxidoushibao" reported that 30 fake Taobao store destroyed, 12 moved to the Jingdong, the 12 shop the sale of goods, and Alibaba was punished fake goods are highly similar, even the same paragraph.

of course, the user privacy leaks, fake more and more, including the delivery and customer arrogance, these problems are actually representation. There are many reasons behind the problem. We have proposed a concept in early 2013, called "Jingdong paradox": with the expansion of the scale of the Jingdong, especially the development of the third party open platform, Jingdong will face more and more fake, delivery delay and so on. read more

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Personal registration of Chinese domain name into an embarrassing agent has the right to recover

Washington (Intern Xiao Yue) Mr. Gao in the domain name registration company registered 9 Chinese domain names, after which he found that one of the domain name has been registered in the name of others. Domain name registration company said that the individual does not have permission to register domain names, so recover the domain name. And Mr. Gao said that at the beginning of the domain name registration, he got the information is a personal domain name can be registered.

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CBC financial e purchase and selling events involving response if the case will be punished merchan


technology news March 3rd morning news, according to CCTV financial channel reported on the electronic commerce platform of industrial and Commercial Bank of China’s financial e shopping mall selling fake jewelry, ICBC official micro-blog published the melting e purchase electronic business platform official reply. He said that for the first time on the shelves of related goods processing, and the authority to investigate and verify. If this is the case, will be severely punished for merchants, instructed its customer to be timely compensation. (Li Nan) read more

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Analysis on the community member mode of e commerce website

now many Internet companies are love to your site into a community, so as to help these loyal users, but once the user loyalty, it is very easy to be able to translate into your flow, and the flow will become your long-term customers, we can see the importance of community for a website in particular, the electronic commerce sites is even more so, so e-commerce is how to build a community member model?

In fact, between

e-commerce website and users is a kind of cooperative relationship, if the members of the community can help web site for business, then these community members will benefit from this, will increase the electronic commerce website cohesion, so if you want to manage the community that is to improve the core cohesion of their own website! In order to build their own community members! So how to improve the core cohesion of their own website? The best way is to organize community activities! We can talk about the organization of community benefits from three aspects: read more

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Talk about the joy and sorrow of rural Taobao partners

today to talk about rural farmers uncle Taobao partner, Taobao partner is the so-called Rural Village Service Center executive. Some people may still do not understand, the service center is what? Well, farmers uncle from the beginning.

Ali launched the Amoy village plan in 2015, and vigorously promote the "million village plan" 1000 County, and plans in 3 to 5 years to invest 10 billion yuan, set up 1000 county service centers and 100 thousand village service station, to benefit the country 70% of the rural population. Here is the village level service station mentioned above. Now do you understand? Farmers continue to say uncle. read more

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Wheat bags official website six Ecstasy is vertical

[Abstract] in the pattern of electricity providers are increasingly large platform control today, vertical electric business website is just decoration? Billion state power network linked to the largest channel brand bags of wheat bags official website for grouper, she said the wheat bags official website operations have been referred to the company’s strategic level, in 2014 the development of health and are experiencing six change.

, the official website of the establishment of a separate division read more

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Y Combinator founder entrepreneurs should have four characteristics

American science and technology incubator Y Combinator founder Paul ·

Beijing time on June 25th morning news, the U.S. technology incubator Y Combinator founder Paul · Graham (Paul Graham) TechCrunch Disrupt said at the meeting, the four qualities he will value entrepreneurs in the choice of investment targets: determination, flexibility, imagination and cynical.

Graham said he hoped that entrepreneurs are not only talented, but also have other characteristics. "There are a lot of smart people who do nothing." He said. read more

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Liu Qiangdong Jingdong O2O platform to do the square dance aunt to do distribution

Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong

at the 2015 Boao forum for Asia, Jingdong founder and CEO Liu Qiangdong as a representative of the electricity supplier in the opening ceremony. He disclosed to the outside world in 2015, Jingdong’s new strategy, O2O and cross-border electricity supplier has become a new strategic direction of Jingdong.

in an exclusive dialogue with sina, said Liu Qiangdong, Jingdong to do is a O2O platform to connect consumers, businesses and distribution. The distribution of the main members of the Jingdong will not be staff, he said he would launch a square dance aunt do distribution. read more

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What kind of product is suitable for B2C E commerce

with the prosperity of e-commerce market, more and more enterprises and individuals to invest in the flood of e-commerce. But the combination of e-commerce and traditional industries is not easy, and all products and services are suitable for e-commerce model. The driving force of the network marketing consultant institutions after years of B2C work practice, to carry out the selection and determination of e-commerce products have their own experience and practice.

1, strong operating profit margins read more

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