Tumblr six years of growth from one person to one hundred million people

you remember last month to sell the Instapaper Betawork Marco Arment, in fact he has another identity – joint founder of the famous Tumblr and CTO, then left the company in 2010, become independent developers and technology bloggers.

is now 6 years of entrepreneurial Tumblr YAHOO to $1 billion 100 million acquisition of high priced, Arment also touched the hearts of the review of the early Tumblr and the subsequent development of the development. After all, he looked at the company as well as the growth of David Karp step by step. read more

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How to promote the image of the website to make money and profit

for the image of the site, I was also recently started to do, the site is running less than a month, but the image of the site to promote and make money quite feel. First of all, the image of the website promotion methods.

, and other sites, like a blog forum to write articles, by the way with their own web site links.

two, and a large number of sites to exchange links. In fact, the station has more advantages than other sites, is a lot of men are very concerned about the site. And so the other site exchange links, if it is a "color" found, is likely to be attracted to your site. read more

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Found around a network expert

My friend

in Shenzhen, Longgang, opened a shop for a medium-sized Certificate (license class), is not very rich. Know each other for about three years, he is also on the Internet, do not understand the network, the day before yesterday he said he scared me: in the 2000-2003 years basically every month use the site to make a month 50 thousand -15 million.

I don’t believe, a question, is Liuhe. Net.

how to make money?

help others print phone numbers, each 200-2000 yuan?

I don’t care what it is, only care about her money making mode, ask for a long time, read more

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The analysis of ResellerClub domain name registration rebate plan

ResellerClub is Asia’s largest domain registrar, launched last week Chinese website http://s.resellerclub.com/cn, they provide the domain name service, since the agent, so I believe many of my friends care about is back, you should have heard about foreign host back thing, so, ResellerClub domain name registration is what a refund about


look at the official to introduce you to activate your proxy domain account after the last 3 months of the average amount of more than 100 registered domain name, then the next month to 15% new domain name, domain name registration can enjoy 10 cents each refund preferential refund next month to deposit returns to your account. Look at this estimate you will not understand, then, look at the official list of them! read more

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Enhance the emotional quotient of CEO is the secret of enterprise

in a big company, mood or attitude to CEO infection and will affect the company’s emotional atmosphere, only the leader’s emotional intelligence capabilities continue to improve, enterprises can better

EQ refers to the effective management of the ability of self and interpersonal relationship. It consists of 4 basic qualities: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management. Each quality is composed of a series of specific skills. With the management of the increasing degree of attention to emotional intelligence, how to cultivate and improve the EQ and other issues continue to emerge, authority on Daniel · Goleman (Daniel Goleman) this will benefit you. read more

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The game theory of Entrepreneurs between life and death

in the giant and between life and death, entrepreneurial companies repeatedly struggle, but compared with the environment, each entrepreneur must overcome their own inner

fuel is a bit high? "The trophy and Chrysler luxury sedan car key moment, 25 year old Tang Wenbin sentence without scheming discourse laugh all the people present.


will abandon a number of already profitable mature venture? Such a mature team and project selection as "entrepreneurs" dark horse contest? Judges, hina Group Chairman and chief executive officer of Qihoo 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi Chen Honghe almost gave the same answer: a future. read more

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You know a few new Wangzhuan Wangzhuan way

Now many new

Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, but really very few people know how to do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, is a common problem.

today to give you a basic method of analysis and interpretation of higher:

1, Wangzhuan long war


network, 3 years ago are the basis of learning, a personal network, want to have their own normal station, 3-5 years, this is a long process of learning new knowledge, because the network too much, only you and know the Internet, you can put forward more excellent. Pragmatic Wangzhuan project. read more

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Results in his campaign announcement to suspend network

and his network promotion activities due to advertising budget will run out, in January 28, 2008 12 at noon suspended, please replace other advertising activities in a timely manner, the inconvenience to you please understand.

if this advertisement is suitable for you, please visit the official address: http://s.chanet.com.cn

Adsense network alliance information release QQ group: 5084047

for the first time to let you know the domestic league dynamic!

more union information: http://s.top.admin5.com/u read more

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Entrepreneurship or work Look at successful entrepreneurs how to say

the difference between a lot of successful entrepreneurs and the failure of entrepreneurs is a good luck, a bad luck.

now more and more reports about entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is increasingly becoming the choice of young people. However, although there are entrepreneurs who have made great products and great companies, more people start their own businesses in failure.

in the United States on Thanksgiving Eve, an entrepreneur in foreign programmers and entrepreneurs gathered on the social news site Hacker News said his business failed. He spent all his money, credit overdraft, sold the house, the family can sell basic sold. He has two children under the age of 6, and his wife is pregnant again. read more

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