The first combination marketing software release or the subversion of the general marketing software

Hu Wei told reporters, now the network marketing is indeed a big piece of cake. Compared with the traditional marketing network marketing software has the following advantages: save the cost. Be able to accurately understand customer needs. The high price.

since there are so good resources and products, why there are a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises in the network or from? Hu Wei said that currently on the market marketing software is very much less than a hundred. Just a tool, but also with the use of some skills to better play its value. Or a software coverage is not comprehensive, can not achieve the desired results. Software coverage is not comprehensive, because now the network marketing has many.

it is understood that the afternoon of January 12, 2012, the latest news, the Internet Data Center (DCCI) released the "2011-2012 annual report" pointed out that the China Internet market data. Last year, the scale of Chinese network advertisement market is 33 billion 100 million yuan, and this year the figure is expected to increase to 46 billion 200 million yuan. DCCI said the Internet mainstream hot field size growth rate reduction. When it comes to Internet marketing, we should all will think of a new network service business in recent years – Marketing software. Now many small and medium-sized enterprises can carry out their own network marketing, also have to find a suitable marketing software. When it comes to Internet marketing, we should think of marketing software, we look at the first combination marketing software how to

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we interviewed a senior network marketing expert Hu Wei, Hu Wei pointed out, now on the market a lot of network marketing software, various marketing software uneven. There are real benefits to the enterprise good goods can also have a lot of cheating. There are some small and medium enterprises from the taste of sweetness, but more of the small and medium-sized enterprise network marketing is dumb, bitter herbs. The emergence of marketing software for only a few years, but its development speed is very fast. Currently on the market to the company yellow pages, similar products are very rich, companies can freely choose their own products. Since it is helpful to the enterprise products, then it compared with the traditional marketing what are the advantages and value of

from Changsha high tech Zone was informed that the country’s first combination marketing software, "SKYCC combination marketing software" in the area have been successfully developed, and in February 2012 officially launched. The combination of marketing software and general marketing software for network marketing software, but the combination marketing software is multi-faceted, it will be a variety of network marketing the most effective combination of intelligence, users only need a simple operation to achieve the comprehensive network marketing, such as advertising information, improve website ranking.

today, the rapid development of the Internet has changed people’s way of life, more and more companies or individuals to promote products and services through the network. The emergence of marketing software to reduce duplication of labor propaganda personnel to a great extent, improve work efficiency, with a smaller cost to obtain greater returns.