The forum of the chain of problems on the chain

second, included after the post and then reply is effective >

second, by some summary of others and their own testing, such as the chain saw Daquan published by others, outside the chain of information, there are some very old information, to a forum to test, clear the feasible practice forum, after all.

two. How to do the chain

back, I’ll give you about the problem of extensive blog about the chain of the group and network favorites, this time to give you talk about the forum outside the chain, I will not say here some theories like those things because there is no point, looking at a lot of experts in Shanghai Longfeng Tan outside the chain, but is some truth, these theories can probably hear often, in my here, to share some of the actual combat skills and experience.

. How to find a suitable

third, by keyword search and advanced search instructions, such as search keywords: love Shanghai Shanghai dragon forum, the first 10 pages of the forum website just get out. Advanced search instructions, for example: if you want to search the government forum, this forum inurl:gov intitle.

is actually a lot of people are not very clear how to do the forum outside the chain is best, some people say that with signature, people say hair topics, some people say that hair log (on the log, I have more experience, here not elaborate). In fact, what is possible, and there is not much difference, as long as the articles included, can bring you the chain, this is enough. Here we had some experience:

first, rely on some of their own experience and the accumulation of the original, I do know some of the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon, webmaster forum, which itself is a kind of accumulation.


for the breadth of the chain, of course is the forum more and more broadly the better, but the content from the site, link correlations into account, or have to do with the correlation website better, such as the Wuhan Shanghai dragon, of course for Shanghai Longfeng class Forum’s good, such as a flow meter instrument for website, website is the best, but now the industry is too complex, find a lot of relevant web sites or not looking too good, because of this situation, I recommend some weight high site, such as webmaster class (A5, Chinaz, left behind, etc.) technology. (DZ, phpwind), government and so on. Even if we know the direction, how to find


first, the chain replies also have advantages Oh, this method I start in use, the effect is very good, sometimes, one day, on the net ha, ha will be posted on the past, of course, this also has the skill to reply, reply must grab the sofa, a rarity in reply 0 the number of posts back, which is why many people love the reason to grab the sofa.