How to optimize the medical industry long tail word

so, the medical industry in the long tail word choice, not blindly rely on the love of Shanghai index or other data, more is to analysis the word conversion rate, including conversion and consulting consulting click conversion rate, conversion rate and even make an appointment to the clinic. Simply speaking, the long tail word to choose medical treatment intent, into a good word for those symptoms, health of the word, it is appropriate to relax.

optimization of the long tail word is actually very simple, then take my site as an example, when I want to optimize "hyperthyroidism can cure" this word, I will put these "hyperthyroidism can be cured site:" into the search box, love Shanghai, of course, this station is not included, is less than site East west. This password is search "hyperthyroidism can cure", the station page ranking, behoove, weight ranked higher, but also more conducive to optimization, you can focus on the optimization of the page. But for new sites, we can write an article, better quality of this article, must have plenty of original content, all in line with the Shanghai Longfeng standard, but also to meet the ueo (user experience Optimization) standard. This will ensure that bring traffic at the same time, can also have a consultation objective.

, the medical industry how to choose the long tail word

medical industry long tail word? This is a lot of medical industry of Shanghai Longfeng problems, optimize the medical industry and other industries are different, compared to other website traffic as the ultimate goal, the medical industry site is the value of the conversion rate. So the optimization of the medical industry to the long term, the conversion rate as a key.

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two medical industry, how to optimize the long tail word

How to optimize the

each has its own set of selection in long term, many people love the love of Shanghai index as a factor, but in the medical industry, love Shanghai index is not decided for the role of the long tail word, sometimes love Shanghai index will affect your judgment on the long tail word.


page is set up, so how to get the ranking? These are the key, first of all, you have to appear in this article links as far as possible on the site, such as the first page of the article list page in the list of articles (of course, pages related), and even the articles he.

love Shanghai high index word is popular, have a high degree of concern and big word searches, but this kind of word conversion rate is not good, we are now in the hands of the 贵族宝贝gfjzx贵族宝贝/ is found in hyperthyroidism, choose the long tail word, the word "early symptoms of hyperthyroidism index to" more than "hyperthyroidism can cure", but as long as we carefully analysis can know, in the conversion rate, the early symptoms of hyperthyroidism "this word is far lower than that of hyperthyroidism can be cured. Do the bidding friends should be very clear, the word is far lower than the quality of symptoms and treatment of hospital.