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1. after your own team culture is not allow part-time business? A little time to work, go home to do your own thing, one up to the middle of the night, second days work spirit shortage, even thinking about their own thing. Not only reduces the overall combat effectiveness of the team, but also influence others in the team atmosphere.

and not to mention the success rate of this part-time venture, nor does it list those difficulties, because entrepreneurs are not afraid of failure, not afraid of setbacks.

line under the steel market: online trading, steel from steel mills to the end to go through five aspects: mills — agent also known as the long association – middlemen – purchaser – terminal. In these five links, middlemen have the highest profit margins, often from the hands of large agents to get the goods, and then a substantial increase in sales to buyers. Especially in the iron and steel industry boom, because of the supply shortage, many small buyers are often in the most inferior position, the money can not buy. The whole offline trading chain is not a fair and healthy ecological chain. When the steel industry is booming, it is the seller’s market; in times of recession, it is the buyer’s market. In this one, the middleman sometimes for some type of steel stockpile. Let the middleman profiteer stockpile, mills and the interests of the buyer suffered great damage.

"brokered business" between traders


steel can be traded online? Yes, it is. There is a web site is to do such a thing: the upstream help mills and large steel traders downstream steel buyers sellers, help purchase information release free. The company name is "steel": B2B trading platform; help sellers faster sellers, to help buyers find the right source.

here is a classic story "to explain as a part-time business pipeline story", 2 of the water bearer, the only one day in and day out fetching water, spare time another water pipeline to build the pipeline, finally built, entrepreneurial success. This looks like a good part-time entrepreneurial story, in fact, the story of the water are public resources, the greater the one who works, water and pipeline are built to meet the needs of users, to the bearer, whether it is a part of the pipeline was built to work, or part of a business, but different, the moral of the story is to long-term goal of every little bit accumulation.

considers 2 questions:

wants to break the unhealthy trading ecology under the line, it is necessary to build an advanced model, and the Internet can achieve this. Wang Dong changed the five links under the line: steel mill – B1 the big agent under the line – Z the original middleman, now looking for steel nets – B2 the original purchaser – terminal. The original line of middlemen is looking for steel network instead of this platform.

?To understand the status quo of

2. on the boss and colleagues now? Holding company of the city, with colleagues to complete a task, KPI, target, this work may carry the dreams of others, because you don’t try, fail, project was terminated, and also for their rainy day part-time business plan greatly.


has created countless grassroots heroes, these "overnight wealth" story inspired everyone with dreams.

Although Before starting a part-time job,

entrepreneurship has become the heart of many people’s faith in silence. Entrepreneurship is a new driving force for social development and a booster for industry change. Unfortunately, this kind of entrepreneurship mostly stays in the utopian stage. The emphasis of entrepreneurship is on executive power. It is seizing the opportunity, exploring and taking the first step. Unfortunately, the reality is too cruel.

business, many people become silent faith heart, once across from my mind: "I don’t want to write a code, I want to start" and "the first company to do the product, after their own businesses, accumulated enough resources and experience, I also want to venture"… These are very positive pursuits. Entrepreneurship is a new driving force for social development and a booster for industry change. Unfortunately, this business mostly stay in the dream stage, entrepreneurship is about execution, is to seize the opportunity, the courage to explore, is the first step, but the reality is too cruel, pressure ah, to pay the rent, to get married, want to buy a house, to loan, to support the family, to earn milk money, pension, no five social insurance and one housing fund… No, it’s too risky to go out to start a business now, or start a part-time job, and do almost anything else, and then start a full-time business.

The emergence of the Internet

accumulation can be experience, technology, funds, connections, and so on

a lot of people might have a doubt: is it better to sell steel like this on line? Why is it on the line,

besides selling books, selling clothes and selling appliances, what else can the Internet sell? Iron and steel?

looks for a steel network instead of the original middleman, it does not make huge profits. For example, a buyer commissioned a steel net to buy a certain type of steel, if the upstream agent >

May 2012, looking for steel network formally launched. Wang Dong, founder of the original in a steel spot search based Internet Co professional managers. Iron and steel industry is different from other industries, because of the refinement of products, products, prices, goods and other information search can not be completed by sh419, can only rely on professional search engines. Wang Dong, who is CEO, believes that in addition to professional search, the site should do something more valuable: not just an information provider, but also a deep engagement between buyers and sellers. But the idea was not accepted by the boss, so he joined two partners, Rao Huigang and Wang Changhui, in Shanghai.