The overthrow of domestic Shanghai Longfeng article against the debate come to argue By heaven


as long as A5 loyalists, presumably should read this article. The author illustrates his point of view from three points.

user experience, the big direction, refers to the web site of the people in your website to stay, and the next will visit the site again.

will be able to break out of Shanghai, one of their own sky!

to overthrow the argument: many people say that to improve the user experience, in order to obtain high ranking.


three: pay attention to overthrow the argument of code optimization, keyword optimization, keywords layout.

this is the three point that I also Mengtian, puts forward some superficial insights to said ~

" "anti overthrow argument: many people say that to improve the user experience, in order to obtain high ranking.

theme content is in a row of a keyword, the front page of the site. Why people don’t do this keyword, can still ranked in the forefront of the keyword

then I this silly, very naive rookie to Shanghai dragon and puts forward some ideas to debate a debate.

page, pure advertising page? In fact, this view is completely negative. What a webmaster do not want to make money, the clear purpose of the station is not good

I think the whole look down, a little catch word ~


in the back row.

some sites every month to buy friendship connection more than one hundred thousand, this station is still ranked in the forefront of tens of thousands of keyword index. And what’s the hair of the chain, the post, it is



experience, really have effect? Careful webmaster can find a lot of station is a single page, where the user experience? You desperately do optimization, but why do others a single

two: not a lot of argument to overthrow the link to buy, otherwise it will affect Shanghai’s love.

Let’s get back to the

mentioned above, many stations are crazy to buy connection, will not be K. But will not affect the ranking of love Shanghai. Buy connection, the chain in Google search, you can look at


this is a lot of Shanghai dragon team and the company often mentioned. Here I want to say, no keywords ranking, can get rid of the. You must have seen what non

)< >

this time I want to say, no high ranking, where users browse, not to mention the user experience. (please see, since to do rankings, then these sites must be capital, technology, strategy, and other aspects based on their company’s account, to choose the optimization technology of the highest price of the Shanghai dragon.