Webmaster traffic growth tool QQ mail subscription open platform

wrote an open platform here I found this hair is very attractive to the third party website:

2, the platform is to provide access to content services to third party websites, content to access QQ mail subscription column form. After successful access, ordinary users can subscribe to the initiative by mail subscription management function;

1, QQ mailbox has a huge user base, can access QQ mail subscription, can bring a lot of traffic for the third party website;

day, I open the QQ mailbox, received a letter from the QQ mail, is to invite the author to join the QQ mail subscription open platform (Figure


2, many website itself can provide RSS, but subscribe to RSS source, is a sort of user threshold. If you can subscribe to RSS this way into the mail subscription, the user will undoubtedly greatly improve the operability, more conducive to the spread of website content;

The main function of

I hold the attitude of doubt and click "join now" connected into the application interface, the address is 贵族宝贝open.mail.qq贵族宝贝/, interested friends can try. The entire browser again, find the Tencent official document (Figure


finally put the QQ mail subscription open platform clear, see here I began to find the point of feeling, some experience before using QQ mail subscription mail function, also got some understanding of their own:

1, QQ mail subscription open platform, the "open" two words is mainly for content providers, including some media, blog and other three party websites;

) The output of

of course, through the official statement of the Tencent we also found, not necessarily anyone can access this platform, Tencent and put forward higher requirements to the third party website content quality. This standard we are still unable to grasp, but believe to have quality content but have no promotion channels.

3, the website during EDM, mail was intercepted, sending the low success rate is always a difficult question. The professional thing to a professional team to do, now subscribe to email all by QQ mail free delivery, third party website, Why not??

3, the subscription platform to build a three party relationship here: the main access site content, provide QQ mailbox ordinary users to subscribe to the initiative mail, QQ mail system provides mail service. As defined by the platform itself: "designed for the majority of the main site to provide access to content services, through the mail system is stable and efficient, common mailbox for the massive QQ provide users with high-quality mail delivery service subscription."