A bit of thinking by the noble baby included advertising page

by the noble advertising page included my baby


said at first, my site was for the keyword research, but for the love of Shanghai is not suitable for the noble baby, so not many noble baby to flow, also included a lot less, but yesterday inquiry found a noble baby included in particular, included increased significantly, and the most puzzling included is a very special page, a page is special, because this page is a special trip to place the advertisement design, not much gold, even from my site, other sites have no link to it, should not be included, and this page there are streaming media and pop it should be said, is not friendly.

Thoughts on

in view of this situation, I analyzed, suddenly thought of buying a 10000ip/ day flow site in a copycat shortly before his, bought a few days, are directly to the advertising page, it is for this reason.

(noble baby included screenshots) this article is published if a little meaning, is the search engine may begin to pay attention to a site outside the weights from the web page, I have been in the machine so many people want to study at present search calculation, you write it for the algorithm of the page, always if successful, but, he can accurately understand the concern of the user’s mouse click statistics to launch love Shanghai, activity hot map, is very terrorist, is said to be the identification of age, men and women develop. Then through the subsequent behavior of users find your site is rubbish or fine will be much easier, but it was just a guess and scenario, after all, achieve many things is not one or two days can be completed.


(baobaopaihang.html containing pop and rich media advertising content page, without any trace of Shanghai dragon, JS super


and I also used the noble baby webmaster tools, do not know if there is no effect, but the two spam pages so quickly was collected still more or less also posted some strange, let everyone discuss

attached a few pictures for everyone:


(juhe.htm this is my advertising page containing automatic jump function, jump to the front of the page)