Hardware software let Shanghai dragon hand interview

hardware preparation:

B case Words alone are no proof. and advantages of resources, must be provided. On the front of Yixing so much, although the process of chicken ribs but I must have, so not what skills, but true to the re examination of the time, we should pay attention to their interviewing skills, because Shanghai dragon industry big, that small is not small, you can not say he is very Niubi that can do this job, the bosses will believe you? So provide a case is the most direct method to prove our strength, so in the interview before finishing their case, and then make word file, including case screenshots, key word optimization and the time reaching the desired effect, the most important is to optimize the work content during the day, and the website optimization scheme. In addition to mention their own in Shanghai Longfeng this industry human resources, do not think that Shanghai dragon is pure technical, and it’s like a lot of work, the network will facilitate a lot, of course this is also a lot of boss is willing to get employees.

C for the interview the company focused on product focus "". Imagine the interview company bosses most love what kind of employee, yes, is able to bring them profits of employees, to let their main business strive for further improvement of the people, so when the interview will not leave you time to talk with eloquence, after all, only then more than ten minutes, time is the key point, so before the interview must be on the company’s main business of a certain understanding, then referred to this in the interview, if you must come up with a general outline >

said the Shanghai dragon industry, we expect more of a cabbage price competition, such as chaos vocabulary, few people have noticed that Shanghai Longfeng workers helpless, and although now have fewer opportunities, but it is undeniable that the new hand every year to join the industry not million, even eleven Yixing out when you play, the train ran into a Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, from the little things you can see Shanghai dragon is still great attraction, but attractive will be competitive, in the face of strong competition, some companies will not pick up only gradually be eliminated, and veteran falling to the novice go to jobs, miserable index as can be imagined as long as you know Yixing, but feel a little interview skills, will let yourself in position for Occupy a favorable position.

A before the interview to master some "serious". Shanghai Dragon said recruitment specialist, Yixing somewhat experience, take our company as an example, a novice came to our company, what words do not say first exam, like what the chain weight meaning interpretation, such as fill in all of these things are actually meet the eye everywhere, because even when the chicken ribs, the book knowledge is not may be much for our optimization process, but it is a chance for you to fail the examinations will not retest, so don’t think of how the examiner and the two industry to back off the reel, and apply it professional vocabulary.