Shanghai Longfeng Master on site goal setting and measurement of Shanghai dragon combat

5. effect monitoring and traffic analysis: Shanghai dragon is good effect of monitoring, timely detection of problems;

3.: website internal optimization includes the optimization of the whole structure and adjust the page of the website;

Shanghai, the planning and implementation of search engine is in line with the quality specification and algorithm of law, who also can not determine the rule of one hundred percent. At this point, we should pay attention to many details. When the Shanghai dragon after a period of inspection indicators, analysis of Web site traffic, in order to find the possible problems in the process of Shanghai dragon, thus to modify strategy.

1.: competition research including research of keyword research and competition;

we usually think of Shanghai Longfeng simply do website optimization of the rankings on the line, to meet the user search. However, know the search engine knows, in fact the quality is not so simple. In our implementation of Shanghai Longfeng optimization at the same time, also to do the detection of Shanghai Longfeng effect and optimization strategy modification.

6. strategy: Based on the monitoring data, the whole process from the start of the study when necessary to repeat keywords;

said here on the website be very accurate, operable. However, many inexperienced people may not be able to correctly formulate the target site. The reality is to own site of goal setting is too wide, can not know the practice. For example, think the site is just a target to make money, or promotional products. These seemingly correct, but can not know the site moved towards a broader goal.

to ensure that Shanghai Longfeng optimization process can be implemented smoothly, the primary site for selected target. Website, webmaster often ignore a very important step, is the site of the target. Each site has its own reasons, but many owners say their website, which is very scary. The target must determine the site is real, operational, used to guide the website construction and website operation.

Modify the

implementation of the six Shanghai Dragon:

4. external links: to maintain and optimize the website construction at the same time;

external links;

2. Shanghai dragon plan: diagnostic sites, identify shortcomings and put forward the optimization scheme and construction scheme of

for the network marketing personnel, site goal is "

so why do we want to do Shanghai Longfeng testing? To accurately statistics work, must set the detection benchmark. That is to say, before the Shanghai Longfeng implementation should be set for those indicators need to be checked, including various indicators of Shanghai dragon before implementation of the website. If there is no record of the original site, behind Shanghai dragon can not determine the optimization effect. In between, we want to find the problem in time, the overall layout of study site, modify the Shanghai dragon optimization strategy.