Talk about how to do the personal webmaster website health the diagnosis strategy

The number of

3, reproduced share rate. Now many webmaster updated their first time to publish it in other places, then remove the number of reproduced in their own, how many times users spontaneously reproduced share number? This is for us to analyze the page content is loved by the users is very important.

ancient books, each doctor medicine must go through the look, smell and asked to cut four steps. However, in our own site as a child care, to make the site a healthy operation and development, naturally also need to give the site health care. The same site in the diagnosis, if you want to diagnose their website health, we can also use the look, smell, ask, cut four steps, so that they can more detailed grasp the health situation of the website. Here I tell you how to operate.


in fact in ancient medical books, it refers to the patient’s breath to listen. Then in the site diagnosis, we also need to listen, here to listen to the user’s suggestions and comments. Each site will have voting, comments, message board, we heard at the time of diagnosis is to obtain information from these aspects.

message 2, message board, a good site is not the lack of user generated article view of your own views, collect these from the voice of the user through the message board, can be more.

first site for the diagnosis, the first step to do is look. How to go to the site for "Hope"

. We can PING a website access speed, can also be changed in different parts of the IP or IP agent to test different regions open fast or slow speed, at the same time the author recommend the use of webmaster tools in the super PING command, can quickly grasp the speed of access to the site in different regions of china.

4, website open speed

1, website traffic. Every day we will look at the statistics, it can be seen from a number of daily users to enter the site, how much the number of page views, PV per capita value how many, also need some data with the previous comparison, such as today and yesterday is or how much is the last week at the same time independent visitors the gap is up or down.

, the 2 page click rate. In the diagnosis of the site, each page is equipped with clicks, it can be convenient to our daily updated content is welcomed by the users have a detailed understanding, such as the A page hits, B page hits, which page click rate is highest, the lowest and so on which page.

1, the proportion of votes. Check the proportion of each of the praise and poor value, although you might say that this is a lot of water, many owners set up their own initial vote in the background, but we can get rid of the initial vote to set their own value, and then to observe how the rest of the proportion, I do not propose to set up their own comments from voting, in the analysis of the user whether the recognition has a great influence.