Shanghai Longfeng reduction process a collection of records and website

. The most important is the web log. Through the web log can clearly see the spider.

spider as bait

aspectsThe first

see a lot about Taobao off the project recently in A5, also saw many webmaster to share, feel it is a very potential, competition, and flexibility is also very strong in the industry, so the purchase of its own domain name and buy virtual host, I started the Taobao off the road. Some website now has more than half a month, now has the best ranking to the home page, ranking from included, let me once again witnessed the characteristics of Shanghai dragon technique and love Shanghai, and today the new Adsense share recent record, see a website to get ranked and included and will experience some what.

third, many owners feel is the most important step, it is come to our website to attract spider crawling. It can be said that the owners hands have relatively good resources, here I will say no more, and you talk about my own special skills, that is to write soft article, then submission. So through after the matter, the project will go to the busy busy, forget about it. After 2 weeks, and then write a soft Wen to contribute. This is the way to do external links. In addition, on the way to the forum spider advertising area sent a link, but also to lead the spider, a total of five less than it, then, is to forget about it. The purpose is to achieve the natural, not deliberately show optimization.


to ensure steady, please pay attention to all aspects of the site, is steady. I do the choice of keywords Taobao customers, are not very difficult, the main purpose is to make small range test, see if you can get included and ranking, and included and ranking will not produce transaction, what are the factors which can affect the turnover rate. Therefore, stability is the primary consideration of my condition, Beijing multi line room, domain name room I choose is abroad, but DNS is domestic, said China Unicom and China Telecom to shield part of the DNS, before I site for this reason suffered losses. So this must be kept stable. If not stable, talk about rankings and included no significance.

does not mean that we must stick to one pattern, mainly to see the keywords you do the degree of difficulty and the resources you do external links. My words are not difficult, love Shanghai index more than 100, the front page of the main domain name more than half, so do not need to update the content too much. The first week of a total of seven days, an update. Then second weeks a total of 2 articles updated, and the 2 is the picture, inside with ALT tags. However, he submitted the search engine when the first week, love Shanghai, noble baby, soso, Sogou four, one less.

update a few original articles

The last step is to look at the data We update the website content of

log adjustment