Keywords layout and optimization of Shanghai Longfeng relations website set


first layout (keyword placement).

?Keywords: Keywords

said Shanghai Longfeng site optimization, you will think of Shanghai dragon Er station set, how to optimize the site of Shanghai Longfeng station set mainly includes these aspects? Stand set usually includes the meta tag set, tag tag set, part of the website copyright settings, page return setting, single page, column page set up the site’s content, filling and site layout of the keywords, since keywords layout is a part of Shanghai dragon website optimization settings, then in the Shanghai dragon website optimization keywords on the layout of Shanghai dragon ER as we need to pay attention to those aspects of

layout problem is all Shanghai dragon er they need to focus on a problem. Since keywords layout in Shanghai Longfeng optimization plays a very important role in the site, we need keywords reasonable and scientific layout, which not only helps to optimize the site, and to improve the appearance of the keywords ranking also can promote the site, enhance the user experience. But need to note keywords layout is also very much, so here I suggest you are in Shanghai dragon Er is best to do a good job keywords layout plan of Shanghai Longfeng Website Optimization Website optimization keywords layout of Shanghai Longfeng, plans to have a clear strategic layout. This can make the keyword layout more reasonable, can better improve the overall quality of Shanghai dragon website optimization, said that what the website how to layout the keywords is known for rational

is the last full use of long tail keywords, you also know Shanghai dragon Er long tail keywords in the flow into mask has great power and potential, usually small long tail keywords operation is relatively simple, and even some long tail keywords layout to the site in the search engine will have ranking, and also very good. I like the filter in the news website, through the layout of the "what filter equipment best", the long tail keywords in Google search engine ranking first, I want the user to search through these long tail keywords >

first we should make it clear that keywords in the website of the location is not arbitrarily placed, nor do you want to put the layout where you can layout where, in the layout process we need to proceed from the overall situation, also enhance the keywords ranking we also need to consider the user experience, the key is placed in the most appropriate location. If only in order to improve the site keywords ranking, highlight keywords will be randomly inserted keywords in the title, then this keyword layout is not friendly to users, similar to the search engine is not friendly, because the user experience is the core of Shanghai Longfeng optimization.

then we also need to optimize keywords analysis and degree of hot competition degree and according to the analysis results, reasonable layout of the words according to degree of difficulty of key words.