Novice webmaster to beware of exchange Links the trick

1. exchange connection, delete your link.

Many novice

, some of the site’s weight is very high, but it is usually a separate two level directory links page, this page is to exchange links with you, many people think that the master weight most probably it did not actually happen, certainly two directory weight also do not go to the poor, so I would like to exchange links, in fact, when you to be fooled, because he may have the link page is directly shielding spiders, or is the master do the above nofollow on the link page, can not transfer the weight to this page, so these links can not transfer the weight to your site, they can’t do the same. We should carefully check.

someone tell you a > I

! page link direct link

thought Everything will be fine. exchange links, what are not, as long as the wait for ranking is good, but also some people because of trust for each other, exchange links, ask no matter, in fact, these will give crooks can take advantage of the machine, in exchange with you soon, he would secretly take you link down, although this method is very naive, but we also have to prevent

4. to do a fake

2. not included page link exchange with you.

Master PR link

it used very secretive, careless words are very easy to be deceived, the specific method is to make a link to page you see, such as a www.admin5贵族宝贝/index.php placed on top of your links, but his real page is www.admin5贵族宝贝, this is in fact he put a index.php on the server’s file, create a giving the impression that you see. In general, server access to the file is.Html, we should pay attention to this.

nofollow the role of popular understanding is not to tell search engines this link weight, specific new friends can go online to check. Nofollow on the link does not check the source code is not found, and many friends exchange link don’t view the source code, this is the one that you gave him a free one-way link. Recently a friend encountered this matter, said a man with nofollow in the Links exchange with him, then a month after the discovery, at that time also had a big quarrel with each other.

3. nofollow

5. borrow cheat your link

exchange connection is an important factor to improve the increase website traffic, website ranking, now exchange chain is also very active, but it also appeared a lot of "criminals", with some love cheat to get one-way links free, I take in this respect before suffer, so today some typical cheat link means, novice to dike is good.