Dr Michael Balcomb came to visit us on the last d

first_imgDr. Michael Balcomb came to visit us on the last day andgave as a fiery Call to Action. He also deeply explained, how things could havebeen different after the Fall, if only Adam and Eve could have said Sorry toGod. Later, around the campfire, Mrs. Fumiko Balcomb shared how she had met Godin her life. From the very beginning, the participants were veryenthusiastic to study the Principle of Creation and the nature of our HP, givenby the very heartistic lecturer Ashley Crosthwaite. On the third day we studiedthe whole day the Human Fall and how God’s heart was broken. Over 40 participants gathered to study Divine Principle andits application during the European 14 Day DP workshop in Austria. By Martine Masner, FFWPU Europe One day was focusing on living for the sake of others,whereby we did a service project around our Gaflenz property with cleaning andgardening. During the lectures, there was lots of internal guidancethat helped the participants to apply DP in their own life. There was also timefor deep reflection, repentance and writing a letter to God, to expressgratitude. “I realized that the DP is like love. Uncle Ashley said on the first day, that True Love is never ending, it gets deeper and wider. “ Anna, Czech Republic A big thank you to everyone who made this possible! “When I was praying outside, by the camp fire, God gave me a warm feeling and I remembered that He is there, cares and loves us all!“ Anonym On Day 8 we had a Challenge Day, where everybody couldexperience their limitation and overcome it by accomplishing various tasks onstations throughout the local forest and finishing up at the “Holy Rock” churchabove the workshop site. It is a pilgrimage site, where generations ofChristians offered sincere devotion. “I feel that I gained so much and the people that I met here are truly amazing. It’s sad that everything is becoming a memory now. “ Mario, Cyprus “I realized we are all in this together, every one of us has a unique role in making this world a better place. “ Andy, Austrialast_img