Another super storm Tmall subsidies to 180 million yuan fold open activities

: today, 1 September Japanese cat supermarket announced that from today to September 9th, in Beijing, Shanghai two city, every city of the 100 thousand single "order price is expected to fold, this activity will be 180 million yuan subsidy.

Tmall supermarket side said that the war is not only super competition services and experience, but also the parties to the cash flow competition. According to the data released this morning, 8, "the first half hour" campaign launch, Tmall supermarket in Beijing and Shanghai average order volume reached 10 times, at 10:10 in the morning, Shanghai area and Beijing area of the 100 thousand single "folded" have been sold out. read more

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n 2016 the Jingdong employees pay five social insurance and one housing fund more than 2 billion 70


technology news recently, some courier companies were shut down, the explosion broke a series of rumors, caused widespread concern in the outside world. Jingdong (micro-blog) group CEO Liu Qiangdong said on micro-blog, a large number of business practitioners not poor or only a few five insurance gold, the surface of prosperity on electricity supplier delivery staff and the deduction of basic electricity supplier employees welfare should bring reflection caused by the whole society, otherwise the most after the damage or the interests of consumers and society. This position also allows long-term hidden in the electricity supplier under the growth of grassroots practitioners welfare issues surfaced. read more

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Business investment strategy Ali non accused of confusing prospects into confusion

[Abstract] American investment tycoon Daniel Loeb and Soros et al., have sold some or all of the Alibaba stock.

Tencent Francisco Alibaba’s share price plummeted, even break, the former star company Zhongxingpengyue listed, has fallen from the altar. Bloomberg News Agency quoted analysts pointed out that in the market after the collapse, investors can not see the future growth prospects of the Alibaba, other analysts also pointed out that criticism in the electronic commerce, outside the non core business investment Alibaba, some of the actions and cannot read a decision. read more

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Tencent WeChat VS Ali who is superior


Ali launched " from " application, many critics, many netizens see Tencent and Ali who can better capture the mobile Internet treasure. In fact, any platform can not exist in both, after all, to find a platform to do the first. So, for the Tencent WeChat, or Ali, what can better? This is the main and related aspects.

WeChat payment function before the launch of ali.

as a result of the January 21, 2011 launch of WeChat Tencent, 1 beta version for iPhone users. This version supports the introduction of the existing contact information through the QQ number, but only instant messaging, share photos and replace the avatar and other simple functions. To the development of today’s WeChat, the emergence of WeChat 5, only to let Ali feel that WeChat is not just want to play with the mobile Internet, WeChat is trying to monopolize the mobile Internet industry electricity supplier. read more

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A wave of litigation to jumei com Chen Ou endorsement work well

According to

CNN reported on January 2nd, the US law firm Levi & Korsinsky announced that has launched a collective action to the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York. This procedure is representative of the IPO from May 16, 2014 to November 20, 2014, the "collective action" period, buying stock investors.

this is an American law firm filed a lawsuit against Since December 10th, the first US firm announced an investigation into potential violations, has been more than 10 firms of filed a class action. These firms are pointing to the lawsuit to disclose the existence of false, misleading statements, and information disclosure and other violations of the law. read more

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After the first generation of new MN Tmall power generation after the flow of the breach

In the

population and the flow of dividends gradually decline trend, the electricity supplier companies competing to launch as a platform to enhance the image and increase user stickiness is the magic weapon, more tall on the first new brands, the electricity supplier premium is more significant.

March 23rd, in previous years, bear the Tmall Xinfeng clothing new release task is the whole category of appearance, during which a total of more than 5 thousand brands starting over millions of new products, including Burberry, Lancome, MINI and other international big. With the Tmall home page "face", more T, and showed the "love love" with the provocative advertisements in the striking position. In addition, pay attention to the wireless terminal somatosensory operation of the new mode of "online shopping watch and buy the line will be moved to the online fashion show, also in to" buy "into" shopping ", or even" play". read more

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Network real name and then cited disputes alleged fraud Alibaba

The newspaper news (reporter Wang Xiaoqing) the day before, Beijing law law easy Information Consulting Co. Ltd. as the "3721 network" consumers, on the grounds of fraud, the Alibaba of Beijing Information Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Beijing Alibaba), Alibaba (China) Network Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Alibaba China) to court, Beijing Alibaba double compensation paid for the service fee of 13500 yuan, 27000 yuan, Chinese Alibaba jointly and severally liable for damages, and asked the two accused a public apology. Recently, Chaoyang Court has formally accepted the case. read more

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Give the domain name support Wahaha protection of national brand users to Zong

Wahaha and Danone case is the current hot sectors when a domain name investors to the registration of the domain name free donation to Mr. Zong Qinghou, in this way, the full support of Zong Qinghou, in the hope that he and Danone in the contest to win.

now the domain name to a simple web page, which is written to support Mr. Zong Qinghou’s words and domain name registrant contact method.

home page screenshot

announced by the above contact, the reporter contacted the domain name registration of Mr. Zhang, "Wahaha and Danone lawsuit, not ordinary business disputes, but related to the national food safety problem. Involved in the problem, not for the sake of their own interests, but the national food and beverage industry in the living space. As an ordinary people, the unconditional support of Mr. Zong Qinghou. Wahaha in Chinese hands, we dare to drink pure water." Mr. Zhang gave us his idea. read more

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The United States 4 15 welfare day to attack the Chinese finance allows you to buy 0

as the largest home appliance retail chain, Gome’s stores nationwide 256 City, and has 542 non-listed company, Gome electronic commerce website launched in 2011 to e-commerce a new mode of "B2C+ store" to run in 2015, Gome holdings and investment fund, Shenzhen Hua Sheng Jiaxuan investment, investment trendsetter together to create Internet financial platform – Chinese Finance (, a high degree of attention this one-stop full range of innovative Internet financial services platform will be available by many investment groups, only the United States in March Chinese financial platform turnover exceeded six hundred million yuan mark. read more

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YAHOO electric business platform to re launch called Yahoo Stores

Beijing time last night, YAHOO announced that it will re launch its electricity supplier platform, renamed Yahoo Stores. YAHOO said the new platform will be a completely redesigned the next generation of electronic business platform services, designed to help anyone build and develop their own e-commerce business from scratch.

through Yahoo Stores, YAHOO to ensure that users can be able to line their own electricity supplier services within a few minutes, began to accept orders to sell goods. Access payment services will also be very fast operation. read more

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