Discussion came to love Shanghai new algorithm

6, the relevant search results. In September 6th, in order to ensure the user experience, will get in by every opening of garbage page again rectification, the correlation between the pages of Shanghai joined the love algorithm, which can again see the search engine marketing trend now.

5, Scindapsus algorithm 2. July 1st – 5 day love Shanghai once again stressed the site quality problems, from simple shielding spam links extended to the whole website content. Not only is the low quality of the links will be punished, for the low quality of the soft as more in name than in reality to accept love again to punish Shanghai, soft as a means to push up the platform in the teeth of the storm. read more

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Shanghai dragon is no longer limited to the search engine

here I will list some more extensive use of Shanghai dragon direction for reference:

1, 3,

5, the public platform letter.

two, WeChat

from the start line, crazy is a generation of young people who have sought, only estimates are not considered to WeChat Shanghai dragon. In fact, as long as it is a search function, there are some Shanghai Longfeng, WeChat is also not an exception, and how to make their own public number in front of the others? This is WeChat Shanghai dragon need to study something, I summarized some WeChat public row in front of the other skills, you may wish to try to see there is no effect: read more

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