By Odins Beard Viking Metal Band Amon Amarth Releases a Video Game

first_imgStay on target Android Q is Android 10 In Brand UpdateGoogle Pixel Phones Talk to 911 For You Swedish Melodic Death Metal band Amon Amarth is known around the world for its songs about Norse Mythology. Not content with merely pillaging arenas and concert halls, the famed Viking Metal giants are setting sail for the land of video games.Titled after the band, Amon Amarth will let users play as the Norse deity, Thor. With his trusted hammer, Mjolnir, the god of thunder will face off against other Norse beings like Surtur, Hel, Fenrir, and Nidhogg. In addition to his hammer, Thor can use his ability to control lighting to bring further pain upon his enemies. You can see what the game has in store in the trailer below.The game features four worlds and a total of 12 different levels. Each of the four worlds is ruled by a different deity or monster that must be slain. Since this is an Amon Amarth game, it contains 13 of the band’s songs. Each song has been redone in chiptune form.Amon Amarth is being developed by Ride & Crash Games, who is based out of Stockholm, Sweden. According to the press release (via MetalSucks), founder Robert Chirico Willstedt met Amon Amarth in 2015. After bonding with the band “over epic amounts of beer and a common love of video games,” they began to discuss a game based on Amon Amarth. Robert gathered a team of developers and designers to bring the digital Viking epic to life. The band continually met with the developers to ensure the game would be “an authentic Amon Amarth product.”Despite almost exclusively writing songs based on Norse myths, Amon Amarth’s moniker is actually the Sindarin name of Mount Doom from The Lord of the Rings. To date, the Viking Metal band has released ten albums. Their latest, Jomsviking, came out in the Spring of 2016.Amon Amarth is available now on iOS and Android devices for $8.99.center_img Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

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