ArcSofts NightHawk brings realtime enhancements to mobile video

first_imgQualcomm’s Uplinq 2013 conference is a great place for Qualcomm and their partners to show off the things we’ll all see in our phones over the coming months. ArcSoft took to the stage yesterday to show off their new NightHawk software, and the positive effects it will have on your ability to take photos with your smartphone.You’ve probably never heard of ArcSoft. You won’t find an app with their impressive suite of image enhancing and photo manipulation tools in the Google Play Store anytime soon, but the chances are good that you’ve frequently used their software in other forms. ArcSoft licenses their technologies to smartphone manufacturers, who then build it into their camera apps as added features. Their latest set of features, which have been bundled into a package currently called NightHawk, places a premium on being able to enhance photos and video in real time.NightHawk includes software based blur and noise reduction, large edits that include the ability to remove people from a scene, and of course better low light control. Their demonstration reveals low light tools that capture a great deal more color and detail in the background as well as the foreground, without dramatically increasing the noise in the shot. The demo app included a special button in a camera app on the Samsung Galaxy S4 so the feature could be quickly disabled and enabled in order to show off what you were missing in the shot.ArcSoft was quick to remind everyone that these features were all possible because of their cooperation with Qualcomm, and to expect these features to be a part of future Snapdragon based phones.last_img read more

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